I still don’t get it right

I really wanted to tell at least one story a day, that is before I get to bed, and before I pray for the night, I would like to share with you my thoughts during the day, or my experience, or where I stand on certain issues.  A lot is going on in the Philippines, I am keeping tab, you know, something like wanting to know what’s happening in my country.  As they say, we should not be a stranger in our own country. Know what’s going on, be part of what’s going on. How do I do that? Simple. Read, connect. Read, connect. Read, connect. And know what and who to believe. I think the wisdom that comes with age comes very well into play in things like these.

Anyway, the last few days, I was trying to learn how to manage this site, and I am still trying to. I didn’t expect it to be very complicated for me who is not really into computers and internet and stuff. Goodness! I thought it was just simply typing out your thoughts and it’s done. Oh my! Aside from the contents (ok, whatever comes to your mind that you want to write), I want pictures as well to expound on the written story, plus the  layout of the site itself!  As we say in my country, “this thing is making my nose bleed.”

Anyway, I still don’t get it right but let the storytelling continues.

Two days ago, the Filipinos installed a new president and a new vice-president. The inauguration of the two highest officials in the Philippines, although held separately, was described in the Philippines as “simple.” President Rodrigo Duterte’s “simple” inauguration was done to differentiate it from that of his predecessors. It was a conscious choice.  While that of Vice-Pres Robredo, well, I think, it was forced by circumstance because the president decided for them to hold a separate inauguration.

The first two days already has told us a lot, and we will have a lot to look forward to. They both promised to change the country for the better, the president expressed his promise in a disciplinarian, no nonsense, an eye for an eye thingy kind of delivery.  While that of the vice-president was done in a motherly, considerate kind of way. So much has happened during the campaign, after the winners were proclaimed and while waiting for the day that they will both officially sit on their respective offices.  What happened then divided the nation in a way, but now we hope to see the change that both promised. So far I am keeping my fingers crossed, I am still trying to make a sense of all the ironies and the contradictions that I have seen so far. With my fingers crossed, I will not be a by-stander, I will not simply be an observer, I will not detach myself from being a concerned Filipino, instead, I will do what I can, as a Filipino citizen, to contribute to the fulfilment of the desires for the country of both Pres. Duterte and Vice-Pres. Robredo.

Anyway, I have also observed how loyalties easily shift in my country. How shallow friendships can be. How confusing “service to the country” becomes. Well that’s for my next blog.

Simply put, I want to tell stories. I want to show you pictures from places I've been to. I want to show you the world from the eyes of a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. From the eyes of a neighbor, a colleague, an OFW.

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