When shrugging off is not an option

I am still having this sentiment that we should stand up and do something to what’s happening in the Philippines. But again, I am out of the country at most 11 months in a year, one month in your home country is not much. But that doesn’t mean, I don’t have anything to say. While a campaign against fake news in social media is raging, one advantage of it is, I get to read a lot about the country, fake news and genuine information alike.

You see, it is a matter of discernment, sifting through fake news sources and those that are sources of credibility.  Maybe, no one source is going to be perfect, but there are those which are closer to the truth than those known sites which really are known to be shady sources of false or twisted information. I also believe that it takes a certain level of maturity to distinguish which is which.

By intention, the publishing of twisted information and those that are outright false, is done to serve a purpose. And one thing I am sure of is, the purpose is never for the common good.  I am now talking about the government in the Philippines, while, it is having its own campaign against fake news, ironically, it is from the government where “fake news” usually comes from. Wait, don’t raise hell as yet, I know I cannot convince you, I don’t have that power, to make you disbelieve what you have otherwise believed all along.

Let me say this again, it is not just because we support one political faction, that we become an opposition and be labelled as “yellow” or “dilawan” in the Tagalog language. It should also be because, regardless of which political affiliation we belong, what’s happening is against our values as a Filipino, is against our notion of what’s right and wrong, is against our own religious convictions and most importantly, against the dictates of our Christian conscience.

As I am writing this, in the Philippines, there is an ongoing event to look back what happened 32 years ago, #EDSA32.  There are those who want to revise history, there are those who want to show disapproval and as much as they can, avoid the repeat of the dark path of the Philippine history.

As an OFW, I want to do my part, miles away from my country. My own campaign against #fakenews.

Several times in three days, I saw this recycled post in my Facebook timeline shared by friends.  I don’t believe it, simply because I have a high regard for the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, and for me it would be preposterous to even allow the shared post in my timeline.  So I have to delete, sorry.  As to fake news, shrugging off is not an option.


The story was about Queen Elizabeth praising President Duterte.  And the information came from dubious sources.  How I knew it? I simply check who my sources are. Very easy, we are all on the internet anyway. We will all be doing a good service to our country if we do that.  Remember, even the very small actions count. Stand up and be counted. Falling victim to these “fake news” articles is an insult to your intelligence, don’t bring it upon yourself.

Simply put, I want to tell stories. I want to show you pictures from places I've been to. I want to show you the world from the eyes of a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. From the eyes of a neighbor, a colleague, an OFW.

5 thoughts on “When shrugging off is not an option

  1. Well said. As a people we should learn to discern for ourselves whether a particular political decision or action is in the best interest of the people, and not simply agree or oppose it based on which side of the political arena it’s from.

    “It is a matter of discernment, sifting through fake news sources and those that are sources of credibility.” — I strongly agree with this. I’ve heard that in the US, some schools have started to teach kids how to differentiate fake news from genuine ones. It takes critical thinking, which I think we should better develop among us Filipinos also.

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