Don’t play the game of politics

I just can’t help myself.

I didn’t want to say anything. After all, if the President of the Republic didn’t cast his vote during the recently concluded barangay and SK polls for #noreason according to #BongGo, then the #elections would seem not that important anymore 🙂

But, hello, there is #socialmedia and I think I spent most of my time on it outside work. Ha ha ha, yes, #fakenews abound, and there are also clear displays of sentiments.

My take :  a)  there are a lot of ways where we can serve without going into politics.  Service can be done anywhere, any time. But, we keep those in power accountable, continuously, without bias.  If we say corruption is wrong, it is wrong, and we should keep it that way.

b)  we accuse the winners to be guilty of vote buying, maybe they are, and if they are,  and with proof, we bring them to the proper forum. That’s how justice is sought in our country, right?

c)  we seek change in #Siquijor as promised by our national leaders. May I ask, do we still look up to the national leadership when clearly it is also a #cesspool out there? Well, I just borrowed that term, you know (he he he).

d)  we say, God save #Siquijor.  Can we intercede for the whole #Philippines as well?  It is not just that small island we call #Siquijor, not just that small island we call #HOME that needs saving.  Are we that insensitive, indifferent, unsympathetic to the rest of the country? (To save me some words, I would have used the word “callous” but it sounds too tough, so I copied its meaning instead (smile)). To continue, we don’t live in an isolated world, we are one with the whole country, the #Philippines.

e)  the game of politics is for politicians. Let’s keep it that way. It is a feat for anybody to defeat a seasoned politician, what with the machinery, the SOPs, the network, and all. We may not like it but that’s how it works. You want to win? Follow their rules.

If you think this is hopeless, no it’s not.  YOU ARE WRONG. (all caps and in red para intense) We can bring hope and service outside politics. OUTSIDE POLITICS.  Do I have to say it again? Just read back.

If you are not a #politician, don’t play #politics. Plain and simple.


Simply put, I want to tell stories. I want to show you pictures from places I've been to. I want to show you the world from the eyes of a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. From the eyes of a neighbor, a colleague, an OFW.

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