Day 3 Year 56 😊

What’s in the age? Yes, that’s what we say, usually in jest, when we don’t really want to grow old and be treated like one. But, yes, age is also a a beautiful thing – what with the lessons that we have learned, the experience that come with the tears, the laughter, the pain. And the wisdom that only come with age.

This has always been my prayer for my birthday : to thank Him for a wonderful year and to claim for a best year ever for the following year. It is, almost always, the case. Every year. Like this year is better than the last.

There were trials, of course, and struggles, and failures and disappointments, and pain, and tears – but they can never outweigh the good things that happen. I do see a better year every year.

This year was different though. I got complacent, very pleased with how things have gone. And then trials again came. They were more painful, especially so because I blamed myself for failing as a Mom. And then I remember one particular prayer I also had, a prayer I got from reading Fr. Gerry Orbos’ reflections. I asked God to disturb me when things get too comfortable that I may forget to seek Him. That’s what God did! He disturbed me 😀 !

It was then that I was able to say, “this is just a phase.” Certainly, it is. You see, faith and prayers work in mysterious ways. Well, God himself is a mystery, and again, He made His presence felt when I was at my lowest. For now, I have started to thank Him even for the smallest of victories. And yes, little by little, triumph slowly manifests itself. “With God in my vessel, I can smile 🥰 at any storm.”

As in my previous birthdays, I still thank God for the wonderful year behind and at the same time claiming for “the best year ever” for next year.

Finally, I have to thank God for life’s storms 🙏 because it is when I see Him clearly.

What’s in the age? Nothing maybe, but yeah, I can grow old gracefully 😘💕💄💋🤷‍♀️

Simply put, I want to tell stories. I want to show you pictures from places I've been to. I want to show you the world from the eyes of a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. From the eyes of a neighbor, a colleague, an OFW.

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