How much lower can we get

6 billion pesos worth of shabu (poor man’s cocaine) imported from China to the Philippines. The tattoo at the back would have shortened investigations, instead it led to a number of issues, not as big, but enough to get our attention away from the shabu shipment. Then there are the impeachment cases, that against the COMELEC chairman, that against the OMBUDSMAN, and that against the Supreme Court Chief Justice. All found to be sufficient in form and substance according to the joint house session that assessed the cases. And there is the P1,000 Commission on Human Rights (CHR) budget for 2018. In between, the allegations of millions, if not, billions of personal bank deposits of the First Family.  And that of Antonio Trillanes who is now infamously called Trilliling :). Amidst the seriousness of it all, we are entertained by the comedy drama unfolding at both houses of congress – the hearings in aid of legislation and the positions our

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Stooping down to the level of the Parojinogs

Yes, that’s what this government has done. That’s my personal opinion, of course. Though not yet proven in court, it is already a general and a common knowledge that the Parojinogs in Ozamis City are into a number of illegal activities, including the distribution of illegal drugs not just in Ozamis but also beyond.  Since, politically, the Parojinogs control the city, they were basically “untouchables.” Plus, the rumors that police and military officials are into the Parojinogs’ payroll. I have been to Ozamis a number of times because my husband is from Misamis Occidental.  I like the city, in fact, from my experience, it is nothing like the descriptions made by some after the raid by the police into the Parojinog properties.  I think, though, that the Parojinog properties have become some kind of a tourist attraction, that when you visit Ozamis, somebody will always tell you or show you, although from afar, that that’s the Parojinogs. Actually, what I

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