One year on – where are we heading?

I grabbed this picture from Reuters online, from the item entitled “Dead on Arrival Philippine Police use hospitals to hide drug war killings” published just today, 29th June 2017 ( ).   I have actually decided to discipline myself and stop making comments on what is happening in the Philippines. I was told once to stay out of any of the discussions because I was told I am out of the country anyway.  I took it as telling me what’s happening in my country is none of my business. I remembered I rolled my eyes and told myself in disbelief, “Really?” I still make short comments online some of the times, but mostly, I don’t watch, I don’t read. But I am sad, very sad. And I hope I am wrong, just wrong in what I see, how I see things and how I interpret what’s happening. I used to be very interested in my country’s current events, sift

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