I thought it was my wallet

“If you bring home your officemate’s wallet, thinking in all good faith that it is yours, and your officemate later on charges you with theft, you will, in all probability be acquitted absent any proof that you intended to defraud your colleague, but you will still be ordered to return the wallet and its contents for the simple reason that it is not yours,” he explained. Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1061436/revilla-must-pay-despite-plunder-acquittal-law-dean-ibp-head#ixzz5ZNCE3CK1  That’s Fr. Ranhilio Aquino’s alleged statement on Former Senator Bong Revilla’s acquittal.  By the way, I have to point this out, Fr. Aquino is the Dean of the San Beda University Graduate School of Law. Actually, I found the statement funny that I decide to write about it, just to share the laughs. As I have said earlier, an early morning laugh is good for the health 🙂 I wanted to stop writing about politics in the Philippines, I am tired. I don’t want to just shrug-off my shoulders because I am

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